tony composite pic with instrumentsAs far as I can remember, I've always been involved in music. From piano lessons when I was five, to the violin when I was ten, to teaching myself how to play the guitar during junior high and then the synthesizer in college and then back to the piano. My mother and father were very musical. Mom was very close into becoming a concert pianist and studied in Spain. Dad played the violin and guitar and his dad played in the Philippine Philharmonic. So you could say that my roots were grounded in music.

During my high school years, I made a Christian retreat called Teens Encounter Christ, TEC for short- it was awesome and brought me very close to Christ! During that period I was introduced to Christian Contemporary music with artists such as Amy Grant, Sandy Patti, Phil Keaggy and Michael W. Smith. My interest in that genre of music peaked because I did not know that you could praise God and also sound really good.

In college I sang in the Purdue Varsity Glee Club and involved myself with the music ministry at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church leading the music groups at mass. Through this experience, I was able to see just how powerful music could be in leading students to Christ. How a song, a lyric, a melody line, an instrumental could soften the hardest of hearts. And yet I was humbled by the fact that God somehow was leading me in this avenue of ministry to lead others to Him.

After college, I came to Indianapolis and worked in the Information Technology field for over 13 years (I graduated in Engineering Technology at Purdue) becoming very good at computers, networks, and their integration into corporate environments. Still, through it all, I was unfulfilled and wanted more. I continued my music ministry by involving myself in local churches, youth groups and Christian movements including Cursillo and Christ Renews His Parish and saw that God was increasing my capacity to affect other people. It continued to humble me to think that God was still calling on me to lead others to Him through leading music at a church service or at a retreat.

I got married to the most wonderful person in the world, Julie, and she became and will always be my inspiration for my music. Things were going great as I was able to praise God and work at a company that provided for me and my family. We had four children throughout the first 6 years of our marriage (Jacob who now is married and lives with his wife in Seattle, Washington (24), Peter (23), Jonathan (21), and Maria (19) and they are incredible blessings to me and my wife. What an awesome responsibility yet and incredible opportunity to become faithful stewards of the "miracles of life" that our Lord has given us!

Then in 2001, something happened that drastically changed my life. I was let go from my position and forced to look to God for guidance and direction in my life. After much prayer and support from friends and my church, I discerned that God was leading me to a new vocation- that of Christian Contemporary Music and Music Ministry.

Since then, I have had many opportunities to spread the "Good News" in song and affect people's lives. I am grateful that our Lord and Savior continues to bless me in my "new walk" and He continues to guide me and lead me and my family to Him.

As to what the future holds? My first album was released in August 13, 2004 and has sold over 30,000 copies. I've beeen focusing on concerts, retreats and workshops first at a local level and then at a national level and have been on the air waves as well as the internet. I've sold my albums as far as Papa New Gunea, China and also in Ireland and have a lot of following in the Philippines.

God only knows what's best for me and my family, and by trusting Him in all things as well as surrendering ourselves completely to Him, He will continue to take care of us and bless our journey...

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