welcome brothers and sisters

Welcome Brothers and Sisters!

My name is Tony Avellana and I am a Christian Recording Artist living in Westfield, Indiana. My mission in life is to spread the Word of God through song by using the gift of music to touch other people's lives, bringing them closer to God and helping them continue their journey to Salvation. I hope you enjoy this web site and use it as a means to enrich your life! May you always be blessed by our Good Shepherd and may He continue to hold you in the palm of His hands. God is so good!



My Store

Click here to view my store where you can purchase my albums online via iTunes, Amazon and other avenues.

My Weekly Blog

Click here to view my weekly blog where I talk about life, God, family, music, ministry and worship and other things!


Give yourself just five minutes to listen to cool commentary of the upcoming Mass readings on Sunday. Click here.

Daily Mass Readings

Click here to view the daily Mass Readings or you can click here to listen to the Audio Mass Readings.

Catholic Radio

Click here to view a great site of Catholic radio in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.  Streaming, programming, videos.

Vatican Site

Click here to view the site of the Vatican where you can learn about the Catholic faith.

My latest projects

Who am I?

I am a servant of God, trying my best to follow His way, His truth and His life.

What are my tenets?

Simply to love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength and love my neighbor as myself.

What motivates me?

My faith, my family, my music.

What are my priorities in life?

First: God; Second: Others; Third: Myself

What is my Favorite Quote?

"We are not all called to do great things, but little things with great love." ~Blessed Mother Teresa



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