All too often we get caught up in the “Oh, Woe is me!” syndrome where we think we’ve have been dealt a “bad hand” in this life of ours.  All the failures, the frustrations, the “downers” of the day, week month culminate in an exasperated sigh as we try to make sense of it all.  Why is this happening?  What have I done to deserve this? Why, why, why me!

And yet the Master calls us and comforts us.  He motions to us and then wraps His arms of grace and mercy around us.

He speaks: 

” My child, I love you and will always love you”.  I will not give you anything more than you can handle.  But handle it with me, as I am always ready to guide, to direct, orient you in my ways.  Celebrate your life and know that you are blessed beyond measure”.

In those times of frustration, I feel a calming sense in knowing that I have been blessed with many good things.  A wonderful and awesome wife and four incredible kids, all of which who love me regardless of how many times I ask them to clean their rooms, mow the lawn, do their homework before attacking the next adventure on the X-box or 3-3 basketball game outside.  I am blessed with a great extended family of which I truly call my mother and father-in-law “mom” and “dad” respectively.  I have been given many opportunities to preach the Gospel through music and that ministry has continued to uplift and deepen my spiritual growth.  I celebrate today as another day that God given me to His light bearer, kingdom builder, and Emmaus traveler.

I have come that you may have life and live it abundantly (John 10:10).  There’s a lot expected of us in this world by our Savior, and yet He tells us in John, that if we truly trust Him, and count on Him, he will bless us and give us an abundance- we just got to believe it!

This week, say a quick prayer to God and thank Him for the many blessings He’s given you.  And don’t despair or get caught up in the “woe factor”- the best is yet to come!


Have a great week!

God bless you and your journey.